When Jake’s sister claims not to know The Beatles, he thinks she’s messing with him. But over the course of the day, he begins to realize that no one, anywhere, knows about the famous band – not even Google! Fearing he’s spiraling off the deep end, Jake’s utterly relieved to hear someone whistling a familiar tune in a local park. The whistler, and Jake’s savior, is Anna, and after an awkward introduction, he convinces her that they may in fact be the only people who acknowledge the existence of the monumental artists from Liverpool. Together, the two set out in search of others like them, and by the end of the day, are left without answers, seeking an explanation to the bizarre quandary in which they seem to have found themselves.



3:40pm – Drama Shorts Vol. 2 (Screen 2)


7:55pm – Drama Shorts Vol. 2 (Screen 3)