Made In Washington Vol. 2



In the shadows of a derelict jazz club, a private investigator named Steve meets with the adulterous man he's been following for the past month. He has explicit photos of the man's affair, and an ultimatum to boot: Steve won't go to the man's wife with the photos, IF the man gives him whatever is locked in his briefcase. Seems pretty straightforward. So why is the man laughing?


This Being Human


A portrait of a young Iraqi who left everything behind at 15, in a solo quest for a more peaceable future; Hameed’s salvation is education in the US bound by a big altruistic dream.

This Being Human2019-09-03T14:20:05-07:00



A black door-to-door salesman struggles to make his first sale when he spots a Confederate flag hanging on the wall of his potential client.




Jed is getting over the demise of his seven year relationship with Maisie when she unexpectedly gets into the Uber he drives. He is over nothing.


Space Needle: A Hidden History


The film traces the creative origins of the Space Needle's shape back to a wooden sculpture. The story unfolds like a mystery as little bits of information revealed driving toward a possibility. Links to dance, art and architecture point to creative legacies, including that of Seattle-born, African-American dancer, Syvilla Fort.

Space Needle: A Hidden History2019-09-03T14:32:05-07:00
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