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Someone Good Will Find You


A well-intentioned Chinese immigrant father tries to teach his son, David, how to “make it” in America. When David becomes enamored by a Superman costume in a store window, his father sees an opportunity to impart to him the importance of hard work, thrift, and delayed gratification. But when the time comes for David to reap the rewards of his efforts, it turns out that the lessons he’s learned transcend those his father intended. Revealing the human capacity for connection, compassion, and sacrifice, Someone Good Will Find You is a story about the lessons parents try to teach their children, and the unintended ones children learn on their own.

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Giltrude’s Dwelling


Orphaned at the age of eleven, Giltrude, an interdimensional shut-in, has waited fifteen years for her parents to come home. When a life or death dilemma comes knocking, Giltrude must look beyond her front door and learn to face the outside universe. The film stars Kacey Rohl (Hannibal, The Magicians) and Liam Hughes (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Flash).

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African Animals’ Lullaby


Become immersed in the sights and sounds of the African Savannah by following a Maasai girl over a 24-hour period. As the child is lulled to sleep by wildebeests murmuring under the African moon, her dreaming of all the sounds she’s heard becomes her African Animals’ Lullaby.

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The 20th Century was still young when Italian mountaineers conquered Germany with a sensation: gelato! Tiny stalls developed into beautiful ice cream shops. But suddenly sunny days of childhood turned into dark years of war. The love story between Rosa and Paolo ended before the seventh summer had even started... Up until little Molly decides to take matters into her own hands almost 60 years later.


Ice Dream


A penguin living in an oceanarium dreams of becoming an ice cream seller. He watches everyday the old ice cream seller running the ice cream stand facing his cage. He repeats his gestures and trains passionately, but he would like to push his dream even further...

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A scientist working on his time travelling machine is going on to test it prematurely due to the clumsiness if his apprentice.


What’s My Superpower?


Nalvana feels like all of her friends have some type of superpower. She has friends with super speed, friends who can jump so far she thinks they can fly, and friends who are better than her at a million other things. As Nalvana tries out each of her friends’ superpowers with no success, she wonders if she might be the only kid in town without a special talent. But then her mom shows Nalvana that she is unique and special—and that her superpower was right in front of her all along.

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How Nivi Got Her Names


Nivi has always known that her names were special, but she does not know where they came from. So, one cold afternoon, Nivi decides to ask her mom. The stories of the people Nivi is named after lead her to an understanding of traditional Inuit kinship naming practices, tuqlurausiit, and knowledge of what those practices mean to Inuit. Through her names, Nivi is a little girl, a grandfather, a grandmother, and a well-respected elder. Nivi’s names connect her to the personality and character of those who have passed and make her family so much bigger than she thought before.

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