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Seven: The Short Film Combating Domestic Violence


“Seven” is based on the writers journey to become a domestic violence survivor – this is an awareness piece about women violence attempting to leave abusive relationships. The story follows Kay and Tara, two survivors who bond by helping each through trauma. The women have trained and formed an unorthodox domestic violence extraction team. They help train and help other victims become survivors. Objectivity is hard to maintain as their new client Ruby reveals her partner. “Seven” reveals the complexity of minority women in relationships with themselves, each other and the community. “Seven” is also the number of times it takes before a person leaves an abusive relationship for good. It begs the question: Should we fight violence with violence?

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A scientist studying the first human time traveller falls in love with her subject. But if her research succeeds they will become separated by eons of history. She must find a way to connect with him across the ages or lose him forever.


The Stand-In


Inspired by true events, "The Stand-In" tells the story of Bryan, whose wedding to his partner Jack doesn't go as planned when his biological mother refuses to attend."

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15 Down


Molly’s world has changed since her grandmother, Mildred, moved in. New responsibilities, new traditions, and a lot more crossword puzzles. 15 Down follows a transformative summer for the Yau family. From soccer games to hair appointments, their everyday routines reinforce their connection and underline what it means to be a mother and a daughter throughout all stages of life.

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Kim and Brendan have just come home from a night out when things get a bit out of hand. Kim is left to pick the pieces and find strength during a very fragile time.


The Emotional Octopus


Miri and Isaac used to love each other. Miri and Isaac are grieving. Miri and Isaac are on a beach, and neither wants to be the first to leave. Over the course of a day, these two exes reconnect and fall into a dissection of their relationship: dancing around the truth of why they were together in the first place, and the question that neither has the courage to voice: 'What happened to us?'

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