Congratulations to all of our talented filmmakers! We know just how much hard work and dedication it takes to
complete your labors of love and have them selected by festivals. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. We
truly appreciate all of your talent and wish you the very best with your future projects. Though it’s always a
difficult task to choose from so much great content, here are the winners of the 2020 Youth Film Competition:

“Airborne” by Bayer Productions, Gracen Bayer

“Fruit Juice” by Haven Carr

“I’m Bored” by Sisters Cinema, Emma and Annie Stafki

“Poker Night” by Team Turnip, Alex Sawan

“The Positive Things” by Dalby Sisters Productions, Amber Dalby

“The Joy of COVID-19” by Elise Nicholson

“Introverts and Extrovert Children” by The Extroverts, Esther Blair

“Quarantine Style” by People Productions, Riley Kilcup

“Holiday in Quarantine” by PKbooks, Phebe Best

“Just Imagine” by Cora Nielsen

“Liminal” by Pensive Hamster, Abigail Gilman