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TREACLE is the story of two friends, BELLE, and JESSIE, who go on a weekend away to help Jessie get over a recent breakup. Road tripping through California, we follow them over the course of 24 hours as Belle convinces Jessie to not cancel the trip she’d originally planned to go on with her ex. Lines begin to blur between them when the always heterosexual Jessie in her drunken, post breakup loneliness kisses bisexual Belle. TREACLE aims to give a voice to the ‘B’ in ‘LGBT.’




Aware that her drinking has become destructive, Jones takes a go at living the sober life. Not wanting to be someone else’s problem, she pushes away help and comes face to face with herself and her lack of control.




PICKUP is a compelling film that allows the audience to take a deeper look into the psyche of a woman who appears to have it all. Through her banal daily routine, Megan develops an addiction that begins to unravel her carefully put together life. She is grappling with wanting more , but is feeling tremendously guilty because she already lives the "ideal perfect life."


Pipe Dream


Each year thousands of budding actors take that huge leap of faith and move to L.A. or New York in search of stardom. This is the story of once such actress who, with nothing but her talents and determination, would go from anonymity to Broadway stardom within a few short years. She would later become known as the beloved legend of stage and screen, Carol Burnett.

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Nowhere Band


When Jake's sister claims not to know The Beatles, he thinks she's messing with him. But over the course of the day, he begins to realize that no one, anywhere, knows about the famous band - not even Google! Fearing he's spiraling off the deep end, Jake's utterly relieved to hear someone whistling a familiar tune in a local park. The whistler, and Jake's savior, is Anna, and after an awkward introduction, he convinces her that they may in fact be the only people who acknowledge the existence of the monumental artists from Liverpool. Together, the two set out in search of others like them, and by the end of the day, are left without answers, seeking an explanation to the bizarre quandary in which they seem to have found themselves.

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