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Angel’s Mirror


In China, in the early 1990’s, a little boy and his family have just come to live in a large factory complex. As he explores his new surroundings, he comes across other boys his age playing ping-pong — and discovers that they are fascinated by a cute little girl who spends her days looking out from the window of an upstairs apartment. Wanting to know more about the girl, he comes up with his own unique way of starting a friendship with her.

Angel’s Mirror2019-09-03T14:53:54-07:00



Vincent Forrester's computer prototype could change the world, but when a virus in the system infects his lab assistant, Abi, it could mean his death.


The Last Callback


Actresses Tasha and Rachel are great friends, but when it comes to a prized role, all bets are off! Auditioning for the role of "Killer Prostitute,” they attempt to top each other in more extreme ways, chaos ensues. The very underbelly of Hollywood is exposed as their drive for success leads to apocalyptic results.

The Last Callback2019-09-03T14:58:24-07:00



Every extraordinary event has a beginning. On this cold Chicago night, the lives of 3 men intersect and are changed forever by the chaos that unfolds around them. Where were you on 12/14?

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