Set in 1996, the film follows tech geniuses Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin, portrayed by Jay Baruchel and Matt Johnson, as they embark on the ambitious task of inventing a revolutionary device. Their company, Research in Motion, faces numerous challenges, primarily their lack of business acumen. However, their fortunes change when savvy businessman Jim Balsillie, played by Glenn Howerton, joins forces with them, catapulting the BlackBerry into the hands of millions.

Almost overnight, the BlackBerry becomes an essential tool, transforming the way people work and communicate. The trio’s success knows no bounds as the device gains widespread popularity among celebrities, politicians, and business people. However, the film takes a dark turn as the company’s meteoric rise is marred by shady dealings, personal conflicts, and the emergence of a formidable competitor: the iPhone.

BlackBerry paints a comedic yet poignant picture of the rise and fall of this Canadian company, showcasing the brilliance behind its invention while unraveling the story of its eventual downfall.