July 2024 Monday Movie Night

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Put your knitting needles away, grab your bifocals, and join us for an action-packed comedy that will have you in stitches with its “high-speed” chases and “intense” action sequences.

Thelma is an absolutely hysterical action comedy with an unlikely star. Introducing Hollywood’s newest action hero, 94-year-old June Squibb, as Thelma.

When Thelma Post (Squibb), a feisty yet sweet 93-year-old, gets conned by a phone scammer pretending to be her grandson, taking her for a large sum of money, she is left humiliated. After being dismissed by her family and the cops, she sets out on a treacherous but hysterical adventure to retrieve her stolen money and prove to her family she is still capable of independence. Enlisting the help of her aging friend, Ben (Richard Roundtree), and his prized motorized scooter, Thelma takes off across Los Angeles to hunt down and confront the conman. Her daughter Gail (Parker Posey), son-in-law (Clark Gregg), and grandson Danny (Fred Hechinger) are left panicked when Thelma disappears and must confront their own shortcomings in the relationship. Thelma tackles real issues of aging, family, and independence while hilariously poking fun at every action movie trope imaginable.

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