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Days of our Rovers


3D animated web-series about adventures of- Nasa Rovers on Mars. All episodes are available at this link -

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When Lucas finds out that Driss, his best friend, has been sent back to Morocco with his uncle, decides to start a crazy adventure and go to look for him in a forbidden trip to the other side of the strait in the opposite direction that the illegal trip it is done. In Morocco he’ll meet Ibrahim, a subsaharan that is waiting for an opportunity to cross the fence in the Spanish/Moroccan border,and a another close friendship will be born between them.


Discoveries: Awakening


Discoveries: Awakening is a film that encapsulates beauty, motion, and life that constantly surrounds one's life but it is that you must become expose/awakened to this reality in order to live a more fulfilling life!

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The Gender Wage Gap


"The Gender Wage Gap " is a documentary that focuses on the public perception of the gender wage gap, the causes of the gender wage gap, and possible solutions for the gender wage gap.

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An elderly man wrestles with the past in unHEARD, a silent 16mm film written and directed by 8th grader Kian Doughty.