Made In Washington Vol. 1

//Made In Washington Vol. 1

Keys To Life


When Kathy’s father shows up a little late for their monthly lunch date driving the 1967 Firebird she helped him restore as a child, she has no idea that is the just the first of many surprises he has planned for their day.

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Road to the Community


Nate MacInnes, a young man with developmental disabilities, lives an independent life with support from his parents and community. Not only has he worked in the Swedish Medical Center mailroom for 17 years with only a single sick day, his warm heart and infectious personality make him by far one of the most popular employees on campus.

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Tell Your Children


A series of 4 short films based on poems. 3 live-action and 1 animated film use poetry to tell intimate stories of women from myth and fairy tale. Demeter, Persephone, a sister of swans, and dancing princesses come to life, their tales rooted in magic, legend, and loss.

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