Official Film Selections 2018

/Official Film Selections 2018

The Children Act


As her marriage to Jack flounders, eminent High Court judge Fiona Maye has a life-changing decision to make at work – should she force a teenage boy, Adam, to have the blood transfusion that will save his life? Her unorthodox visit to his hospital bedside has a profound impact on them both, stirring strong new emotions in the boy and long-buried feelings in her.

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Winner of Best Film in the 14 – 18 category from the Gig Harbor Film Festival’s 2018 72 Hour Film Competition.


Burn Out


Stella, a space mechanic, has broken down and ended on a desert planet. While she is in despair, a little girl appears out of nowhere. Following the child into a tunnel, in the depths of the planet, she discovers a big cave full of objects that belong to her, reminding her of the dreams she has left behind.

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The story begins with two hands hitting two eggs. As the hitting goes on, the two eggs start to crack and finally explode in to pieces. Two creatures come out of the eggs. One is a duck with hairy human legs. The other one is a muscular guy with duck feet.




A corkscrew with a screw loose battles a giant glass bottle to uncork seven magical lightning bugs trapped inside. “Corky” makes its Washington State premier at this year’s Gig Harbor Film Festival.


Fox Tale


Mr. Fox makes fun of a poor hare’s diminutive tail. However, he ultimately finds out that what goes around, comes around.

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Daisy’s Oracle


Before we knew that love was a choice, we relied of the on the power of the petal. A belief that each petal lost from the stem pulled us closer to the answer. Do we suffer alone, or do we get to be with one that loves us? Daisy takes us on the journey of young love and how we relinquish our decisions to stories shared by others. “Daisy’s Oracle” makes its Washington State premier at this year’s Gig Harbor Film Festival.

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